Wine Grape Harvest Season For Newbies


The grapes are the base of wine, so every wine lover should know about them. There are a lot of factors that play into the quality and taste of the grapes, but this time we will only be talking about the wine grape harvest season.

You see, this is a crucial part, as it determines the finish of the wine and the overall aroma. So if you get the harvest right then, you will likely have a perfect drink in the end.

When is the Wine Grape Harvest Season?

There are different kinds of grapes and wines. The grape harvest entirely depends on the combination of these two. There are no two identical grape harvest times, so you will have to look into the matter more deeply.

Although the grape harvest season is much different. This doesn’t give you exact dates or weeks on when to pick the grapes. Grape Harvest season merely tells you the time window when certain kinds are being harvested.


This is the most common grape harvest season. A lot of grapes become ready to be picked during this time. But of course, two months is a lot of time, and the grapes can easily be ruined if you wait it out.

So, the grape Fall harvest is pretty long, but you can easily decide when to pick. If the grapes are closer to the equator, then you will need to pick them earlier. This is because of the warm climate which ripens the fruit faster. Some areas in Cyprus can be ready to harvest as early as July.

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The grapes that are ready to be harvested during this time window are much different. Mostly because they are grown below the equator, meaning that these are from Africa and South America.

But the quality of the wine made from these grapes isn’t that great. It certainly doesn’t reach the same heights as those made from the Fall harvest.


So we have the Spring and the Fall harvest. But there is one particular wine that is left on the vines for much longer than these periods (typically by 1-2 months). Ice wine.

It’s a great drink that is left on for much longer, because the glucose levels rise over time, making it sweeter. The result is raisin-like grapes that have concentrated sugar in them.

The name of this wine happened to be this way because it was initially made in Europe, where the harvest season is in Fall. So when they left it to dehydrate and ripen some more, there was usually snow and ice.

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When Are Certain Kinds of Wine Harvested?

These harvest seasons don’t tell us much, so let’s talk about when the most famous wines are made. After all, that is what you are interested in.

Sparkling wine

Because of their low sugar levels sparkling wines need to be made first. The harvesters can’t let the grapes sit for too long; otherwise, they will end up with a delightful drink. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are part of this category.

It’s tough to pick these grapes at the right time, and many beginners mess it up on their first try. This is mostly because it’s hard to know if the grapes are entirely ripe (meaning that every part of it is, as the seeds and skin).

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White wine

Many people think that white wine grapes are the same as the sparkling wine’s ones, but that’s completely false. White wine grapes are picked a tiny bit later; thus, they are higher in sugar.

Once again, it’s easy to pick these grapes too early or late, but both of those outcomes lead to low quality or bad taste. However, manufacturers can fix their mistakes by using these grapes for sparkling wine. Thus they don’t lose profit.

Chenin Blanc and Pinot Gris wines are a part of this category.

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Red wine

Red grapes take much longer to mature than white ones. This is mostly because of their size, but also because of the taste. Red grapes have a much more potent aroma, and that needs a lot of time to become perfect.

They almost can’t be picked at the wrong time, because they are sweet even when they are not ripe yet. But if you leave them on for too long, then you will end up with a really sweet base. You literally cannot go wrong with the harvest of red grapes.

Merlot and Syrah are a part of this category.

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Ice wine

As we have already said, ice wine takes a lot of time to make because their grapes need to be picked after a frost has hit them. Otherwise, their taste will not be nearly as potent as it should be.

They can only be picked too early, but that’s okay too. Those who are too impatient can fix this by simply making red wine out of the grapes. This results in wines that are way too sweet for regular wine drinkers, but some people still love them.

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If you are a beginner wine lover and haven’t found the perfect taste for you, then this might be a way to go. Pick a grape harvest season, then go about your journey on wine tasting. The worst that could happen is that you will have explicit knowledge of typical wines.

Thank you for reading! Did this post help you understand how the harvest works? Tell us down in the comments below! Be sure to check out related articles to keep your wine interests high like “9 Wines That Taste Like Juice” or even “Definitive Guide To Wine Alcohol Content (Infographic)“.

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