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Wine Key Difficulties

Let me take you through the routine of serving wine: buy wine, pull out the wine key. And there’s a problem right there, and things might get a little difficult. Particularly when you get a bad wine key or in a fancy cabin without a wine key.

A Wine key is used by everyone that takes wine: household, clubs, hotels. You might have watched the sommelier skillfully open a wine bottle under pressure with the key in many ways. While it’s very compulsory to have a wine key, there’s a difference between when a sommelier’s skill and you using it alone.

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What to Keep in Mind When Buying One

While getting a wine key for yourself, you’ll need to get one that is made for home wine purchasers. Try not to be tricked by the ones sommeliers use. You need to get one that is not difficult to get around it. You likewise need to observe the reason you’re getting it.

  • Do you love old wines—you’re going to need one that is a more traditional styled
  • Do you want the perfect one, one that will last you for months?
  • Will you be traveling with it?

Give yourself a quick quiz from these questions before choosing a key.

Since wine keys have been invented in the late seventeenth century, men have been planning and adding more new designs for opening wine to the market. 80% of United States homes take wine, and they’re a lot of wine keys or wine openers—as certain individuals call it, in their homes.

Most wine keys are overdesigned and enhanced with cheap parts to make them appealing to customers. By the end of the day, you’ll find them in the garbage bin or loaded up with dust in a cabinet due to a broken part.

How to Use a Wine Key?

Opening a wine bottle can be very easy when you have the right wine key. Getting the right key will enable you to feel comfortable, and there will be ease in the bottle opening process.

  1. Remove the foil: Cut round the foil-covered corkscrew by placing the knife below the lip. Most wine keys have a knife—it’s beneath the handle of the corkscrew. Tear the aluminum foil away.
  2. Unfurl the Corkscrew: Open the corkscrew from the handle. The corkscrew must be in a ‘T’ angle with the handle on one side. And on the shorter side, it must be a notched portion.
  3. Insert the wine key into the cork: Put the tip of the key in the middle of the cork. Screw downward by using the hinged portion and handle to twist. If the corkscrew feels secure, then stop.
  4. Move the short arm of the corkscrew down: With the corkscrew feeling secure, you’ll notice two notched ledges. Place the ledge closest to the hinge on the lip of the bottle.
  5. Lift the corkscrew: Gently ease the cork out of the screw as much as you can by lifting the handle. The notched edges are doing the work of a fulcrum, so you can draw the cork out easily.
  6. Change the position of the notched portion: If the corkscrew has two notched edges, use the second one to repeat the about process.
  7. Remove the cork: You should have almost removed the cork. A bit of it might still be lodged in the bottle. Unfurl the hinged arm once again, draw the rest of the cork out. You might need a little twisting and wiggling to get it all out.

Removing a corkscrew won’t be easy without using the right wine key. There are a plethora of wine keys made from different brands, and we’ve made a quick roundup of our best five wine keys.

5 Best Wine Keys

Loaded Double Lever Waiter’s Corkscrew by Coutale 

This wine key comes with a very simple and easy-to-use design. It’s very long-lasting as well. It can open up to 3,000 bottles in a year—very long-lasting and of great quality. The Coutale key was designed by a French winemaker, and it’s available in three types, with each coming with a stainless steel worm and a serrated knife.

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Host AirPop Wine Key

An electric wine key that does all the work with just at the press of a button. Just insert the needle into the cork, push the button and twist the mechanism at its bottom. The cork will be removed in no time. But, you’ll need to get air canisters for continuous usage of this device. They’re a variety of colors to choose from.

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Laguiole En Aubrac Waiter’s Wine Key 

Laguiole has got your back when you want a fancy wine key. A sommelier Terlato said in an interview,” when entertaining. I bring out my Laguiole corkscrew”. They might be more expensive than the other wine keys.

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Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew

Another electric wine key for reducing discomfort and ease mobility. The Rabbit key is the first automatic design model. It features a rechargeable corkscrew that works in the touch of a button.

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The Durand 

For a young bottle of wine, this key will work so perfectly. It’s very great for opening wines with delicate corks. Screw the stabilizer worm into the car and place the handle blade between the cork and the neck of the bottle.

Push it down by moving the bar sideways in your hand until the bar, and the handles meet. Pull the two pieces together, twist, and pull the cork upwards.

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