Wine Stoppers


What are Wine Stoppers?

It’s no secret that an uncapped bottle of wine can quickly turn into the best vinegar if left that way for a few days. Although it’s always possible to put the used cork back in the bottle, it’s not the best solution to keep an open bottle fresh. Once the wine is exposed to air, the oxidation process begins. This causes the wine’s flavors and aroma to deteriorate and spoil even the best wines in a matter of days. A perforated cork will allow a greater exposure, but those that delay this deterioration are the wine stoppers.

A great wine stopper is practical as well as cleansing. Revolutionized by a vacuum-sealed plastic pump, wine stoppers will keep the wine fresh for weeks without looking industrial.

Types of Stoppers to Preserve Wine

The types of wine stoppers range from the most aesthetic and simple to the high-tech.

Decorative Plugs

These tampons work as replacement corks. Generally, they have some rubber area that closes well with the bottle’s neck. These decorative stoppers minimally seal the wine’s air; however, they allow some oxidation to proceed.

These types of stoppers can extend the life of wine by a day or two. There are many of styles available for any occasion. From whimsical Christmas styles to ordinary, more elegant, and colorful styles to fun and quirky designs.

These decorative wine stoppers perform best when you plan to drink the open bottle within two days. They tend to be the most accessible and least efficient way to keep the wine open. Cork bottom stoppers break easily, while steel or rubber stoppers have a longer life.

Spout Caps

These stoppers seal the wine and give it the ability to pour through a small spout to reduce drops. They’re usually made of metal or plastic and extend the wine’s shelf life similarly to decorative stoppers.

Vacuum Preservation Stoppers

Vacuum preservation stoppers are part of a system that allows you to manually pump oxygen from an open wine bottle, envision a vacuum, and, in theory, extend the wine’s shelf life.

These stoppers typically keep a practical look but pay it back based on function. The rubber stoppers snap into the bottle’s open lid, and then a manual or battery-powered pump is placed on top with a few handle pumps, the wine plugged away from the air.

The Vacuum stoppers work best when you plan to drink the open bottle within five days.

What are the Best Wine Stoppers?

It often happens that finishing a bottle of wine isn’t in someone’s plan. So the wine is covered again, placed on the counter or in the refrigerator, and returned to use when ready.

If it’s been more than a day or two, you may smell or taste the wine and wonder if it’s still safe to drink. The appropriate stopper or preservation tool’s function helps extend the shelf life of many different wines, reducing waste and process concern.

Which are the Best Wine Stoppers to Keep Bottles Fresh for Days, Weeks, or Even Longer?

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump: Best Overall

Several wine enthusiasts are likely to advise purchasing Vacu Vin as their alternative for capping wine bottles. These stoppers are generally easy to use and function as pourers when uncapped.

To use, you must put the stopper on the bottle and use the pump to suck in the inside’s air, thus helping to stop oxidation.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump
Photo credit: Vacu Vin

Coravin Model 3: For a Better Preservation System

Unlike many other typical wine stoppers, the system allows you to enjoy wine without uncovering the bottle at all. Before using, you need to make sure there is an inert gas capsule in the chamber, then put the needle into the cork, the bottle has to be tilted, and finally, align the spout with your wine glass, and press the trigger to start pouring (to stop flowing, put the bottle upright).

This system works by using inert gas to enter the wine through the cork without extracting it, which means that the wine inside is never exposed to oxygen, and removed the needle the stopper will return to cover.

Coravin Model 3: For a Better Preservation System
Photo credit: Coravin

Le Creuset Champagne Stopper: The Best for Champagne

Also known for its vigorous and aesthetically appealing craftsmanship, Le Creuset provides a metal stopper that holds Champagnes and other sparkling wines. Designed in France, this tool uses a switch-type valve and a tight, food-grade rubber seal to block bubbles.

To use, screw the curved base onto the crown of any standard bottle (this also works for still wines), and flip the switch to cap or reopen.

Le Creuset Champagne Stopper: The Best for Champagne
Photo credit: Amazon

HappyTopperStore Wine Stopper: For a Better Personalized

This custom, handcrafted stopper proves to be a stylish option. Wooden cork stoppers are efficient due they have a host of recent and beautiful engraving alternatives going for them. It works if you are looking for a creative gift or favor for a wedding or other event.

MDRN Home Glass Bottle Stopper: It is More Attractive

It is an elegant and functional wine stopper; These stoppers come in three styles and two color options to select from: a diamond, cat, or dog shape in smoky gray or clear. They’re also environmentally friendly and come with a silicone seal to recap without all the work.

MDRN Home Glass Bottle Stopper: It is More Attractive

Rabbit Wine and Champagne Sealer: For Being Affordable

The ergonomic design and reliable construction of this stopper promise great value for an affordable price, and it’s also straightforward to use. It should be placed in the bottle’s opening, pushed down, and rotated until it is covered.

Rabbit Wine and Champagne Sealer: For Being Affordable
Photo credit: Rabbit Wine

OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Caps: For Having a Better Expansion

A wine stopper’s size is a relevant characteristic not taken into account. Placing a sealed bottle inside your refrigerator can sometimes be tricky, especially if it’s stored in the door or on a shelf.

OXO’s expandable wine bottle stoppers are the ideal remedy for tight spots in the refrigerator, thanks to their smart design and thin disc-shaped lids. Best of all, these dishwasher-safe stoppers spread inside the bottle up, capping tight enough to prevent leaks when the bottles are putting on their sides.

OXO Perfect Seal Bottle Caps: For Having a Better Expansion
Photo credit: OXO

Stopper Selection

The selection of the stopper will depend entirely on preference. Even long-lasting wine stoppers only keep wine open for a week or a little longer. So the type you prefer can vary depending on how soon you plan to consume the open bottle of wine.

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